Posted on May 01 2017

***** Thanks for the prompt delivery of my new 'Brave' kit - it's fantastic. I couldn't figure out if it was blue or black from the photos - and didn't care either way. The blue is awesome!

I thought I would share with you why I'd purchased this kit.

When I saw the email and associated social media teases about 'Brave' and liked the look of it, however I was cycling in Italy as part of an extended holiday and, as much as I liked it, I wasn't in 'need' of a new kit. I was also hoping to find a cool kit OS either in Italy, or France where I was going to catch a couple of stages of Le Tour.

On 19 July I was out riding, descending a HC category mountain no less, hit a pothole at a bad angle and things went pear shaped. I felt the back of the bike come up, and hurtled face first into the road. Strava tells me I was travelling at just under 40 k/hr and I was thankful that I'd been taken some speed off consistently on the descent because the bad road condition.

I totalled the kit I was wearing, and ended up with road rash on my hip, knuckles and elbows, and FACE, and was very bruised all over. I thanked everyone from the universe to the big man himself (I was in Italy after all) for getting off so lightly. I looked like sh!t but knew the wounds would heal. Oh and the bike was still rideable too - a chunk out of the saddle, bashed up hoods and a few other scratches, but again, all cosmetic and easily enough fixed when I returned home.

The next day 'Brave' was released. I started think that maybe I was destined to have that kit after all.

I got back on the bike three days later as I wanted to make the most of my holiday. I couldn't do some of the planned rides as the Alps is not the place to doubt yourself and your riding ability, but I was back on my bike..on the other side of the road and on unfamiliar roads.

The day I arrived back in Australia another email came through about 'Brave' and I decided that if I could crash and get back on the bike - all whilst in another country, I deserved that bloody kit! Oh, and because I'd left the ruined one OS, I had room for a new one. Wendy C. ******



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