Posted on May 01 2018

**** I own two QOM kits now the Mandella and the Limitless. Both kits have been fantastic for both comfort and looks. They are true to size and colour. Not only are the kits comfortable I often receive compliments from other cyclists. Well done QOM your designs are making a statement. In addition to a fantastic brand the QOM team always make you feel as though you are a valued customer offering both fast delivery and kind thoughtful messages. JULIE-ANNE A. ****

**** Being lucky enough to own a wardrobe of good cycling kit, wasn't really in the market for anything new. The QOM design caught my eye though, so decided to invest as Christmas present to self (!) - honestly, its the most flattering, comfortable kit that I own. Forget the fancy European brands, this stuff is the biz. Won't be looking too much further for my kit in the future. ELEANORE B. ****

**** Can't say enough great things about this kit! Extremely comfortable gear - great fit, especially as I'm tall and slim, so often struggle to find bib/ knicks and jerseys that are long enough but also narrow enough! Love the colour scheme and refreshing to find women's cycling gear that isn't cutesy and pink. This was the first QOM kit that I purchased - I had a lot of confidence in purchasing it online, as I'd already seen it on women out on the trails, the gals were also very responsive in answering questions I had about lengths, fit etc. Keep up the great work. JAC K. ****


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