Posted on October 01 2019

  1. What are your goals for 2019?

My goals for 2019 are to improve my skill level on the road and the mountain bike. Also, to motivate and be a role model to other women to be a part of this great sport, as it’s a sport to create friends, passions and journeys of a life time!

  1. When did your cycling journey start?

From learning how to ride a bike (thanks dad) to a triathlete (thanks mum and dad) to a teenager who is obsessed with riding bikes (thank you Tour de France), I honestly don’t know how and where to start with this cycling journey. Although I had a strong passion for triathlons, the love and inspiration from other professional cyclists (got to love Peter Sagan and Matilda Raynolds) took over my triathlon journey and I began my cycling adventure. I have only recently begun this cycling adventure (around 6 months), attending local cycling events (local as in an hours’ drive) which involve criteriums, road races and the odd mountain bike challenge. Building my skill and making my way up the grades (currently in C moving to B), I only have my cycling buddies, friends and family to thank, with all the support and motivation.


  1. What set of wheels do you have?

I am more than lucky enough to own my dream road bike at 17 years of age – S-works Venge Vias 2018. I also own a Giant Anthem Mountain bike that I’ve recently bought. Both bikes I scored as a second hand bargain leaving me with one happy smile on my face every time I go out for a ride.

  1. Where’s your favourite place to ride?

My favourite place to ride would have to be… Yungaburra/ Peeramon area as it plays on my strengths and is lovely and quiet to ride around. With undulating hills and the odd never ending hill (love those never ending hills). There’s amazing views of the rolling hills of the Atherton tablelands, it really is a special place to ride.


  1. On average how many KM’s do you ride per week

I ride when and where I can as much as possible before and after school. I currently ride 100-150km (depending on any races coming up) on average a week, so I can fit in my crazy amount of school work (grade 11).

  1. What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without my road bike and bright coloured cycling kits! Oh and the chocolate reward after a race!!


  1. What's your advice for someone who is just starting out on their cycling journey?

Go out for a ride with people you know, like friends and family, and do it for enjoyment to start with. When your ready, create little personal goals and aim to achieve them, keeping in mind its easier to do it with friends or family as these people can help you stay motivated. But my main advice is to JUST HAVE FUN!



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