Posted on June 01 2016

So you first get on the bike and it seems everyone out there is faster than you right, try and resist the urge to chase. When you chase you’ll feel like you’re going faster, the bike will be sliding around, you’ll be a bit stiff and ragged, but the crew will still be riding off in the distance. The key is to get smooth on the bike and let the speed come to you.

Look Ahead. I spend most of my day on the trail yelling this one out. You steer your bike more with your eyes than you do with your hands. I call it the “Hills Hoist Theory” (RR Copy write on this one). Everyone has seen funniest home videos, and seen the kid in the back yard run straight into the Hills Hoist or the one and only tree in the back yard. The reason why this happens is Mom and Dad do the right thing, they say “Here you go Johnny here’s your new bike but whatever you do don’t run into that!!!” so little Johnny takes off down the back yard looks up and stares straight at what he’s not meant to run into and behold he runs straight into it. Mom and Dad are stoked cause they just won 500bucks, little Johnny not so stoke as he now has a nasty bump and an embarrassing home movie. There are lots of Hills Hoists out around the trail they are called trees, if you look at them you will run into them, skid marks off the trail are like magnets, again if you look at them you’ll end up skidding off the trail. Get single-track focus look ahead and you’ll ride safer. Remember you can do nothing about what right in front of the bike but if you look ahead you can prepare for anything.


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