Posted on July 01 2016

The attack position is the next most important technique on the trail, this will keep you safe. You’ll use the attack position for descending, drop offs, obstacles, and for maintaining flow on the trail. To get into an attack position, you’ll need to stand up on level pedals in a neutral position (not too far forwards, not too far back, the inside of your thighs should just touch the wide part of the seat but not gripping it.), have your elbows bent out at right angles, your backside off the seat so if the trail gets steep you can move your weight back, knees and elbows bent and supple so the bike can follow the trail, whilst your body follows one plane and stays fairly still. What you’re trying to do is stop your body becoming a pendulum, pendulums on bikes are bad, you can imagine if you’re sitting upright on your bike, your head and upper body can swing back and forth, to much head movement forwards initiates rotation and you end up going over the bars. You also need to get lower than what you think, I always say the more ridiculous you think you look the closer you’ll be to the correct position.

The reason for this is humans tend to push away from what intimidates them, that’s fine if you’re walking down the road and have to jump out of the way of a speeding car, not so good on a bike going around a steep corner, because if you push away on a steep corner you’ll push your head in the air, pull on the brakes, next thing you know you’re the human pendulum going over the bars, we’ll do more on cornering later.


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