Posted on July 01 2018

**** The quality, fit and feel of QOM kits are superb. They provide excellent comfort in the saddle on both short and long rides. And the designs are beautiful. I now own 2 wonderful kits and look forward to purchasing more soon. Keep up the great work on providing excellent designs and quality. Your customer service is professional, prompt, helpful and friendly. Thank you it is a pleasure to deal with you. Heather B. ****
**** I recently purchased the limitless QOM kit and oh god it is great. It is a super fit and so comfy!! You can understand why this brand is becoming so popular amounts female cyclists. I am certainly recommending QOM to my friends and will be purchasing more in the future. Melanie G. ****
**** Love that you can pull on this or any other QOM kit and never need to worry about comfort no matter what length of ride you are heading out for. The pop of colour in this kit enhances visibility for the road and as a bonus makes it easier to spot your mates on the trails too. Plenty of room in the pockets for phones (big and small) + everything else you need to carry. This kit is true to size and the wide leg grips are super comfy - my new fav! Karen F. ****
**** The QOM 'Black Label' Kit is just that, a little piece of luxury, with quality fabric, superior fit and super flattering but best of all it is COMFORTABLE. Needs to be said that every band stays where it supposed to and does not cut in, no more pork legs, no more tugging at your jersey top. The chamois has been the best fit from all my 'label' branded kits and remains comfy hours in the saddle. The cuts are true to size, I purchased the 'original' bundle, however found with my short torso I was better suited to the 'sport' fit so changed my jersey over and now its the perfect fit. By far my most loved Kit. Lisa F. ****


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