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 *CORINNE D. 228k in a day. Or there was a time I rode for 11hrs in 43+deg temp on a borrowed mtb; Or longest time over consecutive days was Riding for 3wks to travel from the bottom to the top of NZ (bluff-cape Reinga) completing 3830km riding for ‘Ride out of the Blue’

*SHARON G. New Zealand, the day it rained and the shuttle was cancelled so we rode to the top of the redwoods anyway. Then the 24 hr race where I discovered you should use chamois cream BEFORE you start riding. I miss those days, time to get back in the saddle!!!

*LINDA D. 100kms on Sunday wasn't the furthest, but it felt like it in the rain and wind of the Brissie to Gold Coast.

*MEL R. 720km over nine days, if that counts? West Coast of France to the south coast with my Papa Bear

*TARA P. 720km over nine days, if that counts? West Coast of France to the south coast with my Papa Bear

*SHERREE B. 8.5 hours solo (167km) from Ipswich to Yarraman on the BVRT.

*GWEN L. All day and because I felt like exploring

*LINNE R. 160kms is so far the longest day in the saddle on my roadie.

*KYLIE B. 2 weeks in the sddle riding around Tasmania. Many great memories!

*SHARLENE H. 251.1km over 12hours with ride time of 10hrs 50m. In preparation for Revolve24 Solo 2019 (and it was my birthday)

*EMMA J. Noosa Classic August 2019

*SARAH K. 100km Epic mtb. with about 5 months mtb experience & not a skill. I managed 80km & it took  around 8 hours.

*KARYSSASHLEIGHROSE just a casual double century. i'll be back this arvo kinda ride when you leave before sunrise.

*EMMA J. noosa classic 120km distance & 1500m elevation in 5.5hours in the most harrowing conditions of pelting rain & thunderstorms but still an awesome experience with my awesome friend & loving husband.

*FIDLERLEE 192kms in 7hours training for Ironman.

*TREKAMBASSADORWYNNUM at the TDF in 2003 - still climbing after 2+hours in the saddle, character building.

*KYLIE D. 38 hours, everestig. amazing achievement.

*LISA S. 13hours doing an Alpine Classic, 200km & around 5000m elevation, climbed Buffalo, Falls Creek & Tawonga Gap from both sides.

*BRIBASH 156km is my longest. Three Dams in Perth 2017 & 2018.

*MANDY L. took part in the BVRT end to end. 160km on my trusty lusty.

*LISE501 8hours 210km into a full on head wind & a storm for good measure.

*THENIKJAYNE completed Gravelaide 77km gravel grind 3 weeks after i learnt how to get on a bike.

*MEL G. mtb 2.5hours 30km. road 4hours 91km.

*LIZZIEMCLEAN1 5hours on a 100km ride 'ride don't hide'

*MDICKSEE 10hours cycling Dieppe to Paris

*ERINALBERTO 100km in 5.5hours 'B2GC RIDE'

*KIMBERLEY O. Delerium 24hr ride 564kms

*BRITTLOVESTRI 12hours 175miles

*POTTERPICKLE 125km Clare to Walleroo 6 hours

*IAMPETRA.P.N. mtb 100km 7+hours


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